Coronavirus Update

Hi everyone,

As it stands please follow the government guidelines about reducing social contact.

It is anticipated that we will reduce the classes as required over the next couple of weeks but NL leisure will honour any time that members have on their passes at any stage that they choose to return. Once the over 70’s and long-term conditions guidance is activated by the government in whatever form this takes it is likely that the specialist health classes will close down all together as a measure to protect our vulnerable populations.

The decision to attend future classes must very much be yours in whether or not you attend over the next few weeks.

I would also make sure that you if are using equipment you wipe it down before you start. There will be additional blue roll and spray cleaners in the studios.

The venues are open at present but again we do not know if this will change and how quickly this may happen so the rest of the programmes will run as normal.

Our up and coming morning retreat is due on Saturday 21st from 10am to 12pm as planned. I will keep you all posted if this is likely to change at any point later in the week.

I am also considering an online web conference version to allow us to deliver to you all from the comfort of your own home.

Please look after yourself and stay safe