Free Mindfulness Session Update

Hi Everyone, I have been a furloughed, but busy practitioner lately and hope to devote more time to adding more content for all you fellow meditators out there.

I have been offering careers guidance and counselling on a one-to-one basis and for all ages remotely and its going in the right direction . Watch this space, hopefully more to come.

I just wanted to announce that I will continue to deliver a free mindfulness session each sunday evening at 7:30pm until the 2nd August 2020.

After this date, I hope to bring our NL Leisure day time classes back soon once the appropriate measures are in place for your safety. We will run retreats later in the year to.

Our shop back will be back on line to and will begin to charge a reasonable fee to allow our work together to continue. Will keep you all posted.

How to join the free session:

Download the zoom app for cloud meetings from the apple App Store or via google play for android.

Enter the following meeting details:

Meeting ID: 859 3597 9881
Password: 219662

I have also included an Outlook calendar file, just click here to download .

I am extremely grateful your continued support. Hope to see you all face-to-face soon.

Kind Regards