As you would expect, all of our face-to-face, group mindfulness meditations are on hold for now. But please don’t despair. Pop on a set of headphones. Clear some space on the couch or pull up a chair next to the window so you can feel some of that delicious spring sun on your face. Take three calming breaths, and click to play one of my pre-recorded guided meditations.

I’m working hard to bring our regular group class to life online and as soon as I have more on that, you will be the first to know. For now, take care, keep breathing and let the tension melt away.

I wish you to be well, I wish you be happy, I wish you to be free of suffering.

David x

Mindful morning retreats

Mindfulness meditation retreats taking place here in Lanarkshire in 2020. I’m so pleased to be able to offer all of my website visitors an exclusive 10% discount  – simply enter promo code MINDFULONE when selecting your tickets (before proceeding to checkout).

Mindful meditation classes at your local gym

Weekly mindfulness meditation classes are a great way to learn the basics. By introducing a one-hour class to your busy week, you will start to feel the benefits and find that your new mindful techniques and movements start to make a positive impact on the everyday situations of life.

Join us in your local NL Leisure gym where we are bringing mindfulness meditation classes, free to NL Leisure members and a small fee to all others. Drop-in and give yourself a well-needed break at one of five participating gyms.

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  • Mindful Minis – Classes for young kids (aged 3 to 12). Teaching some of the fundamentals of self-massage, qi gong and mindfulness. Nurseries, schools and community groups can organise Mindful Mini classes in blocks of 4 or 8.
  • One to one – Private lessons where home visits provide one-to-one coaching to help you relax and unwind.