Along side our practice and teaching of mindfulness and stress management, I am a fully registered Careers Adviser and have began helping clients discover that next step and begin to move forward in your career. We will help you navigate the career changes, worries and aspirations and help you develop robust and effective careers management skills to help you reach your full potential. 

Services offered
Career Coaching, Career development, workshop facilitation,, Career Education, Career Guidance, Career Information, Career Management Skills, Career Transition, CV preparation, Interview Coaching, Job Application Assistance, LinkedIn Coaching, Mentoring, Training of career development practitioners, Using Social Media for Job Applications and career development

Method of career delivery Client travels to the office , Internet-based services, Telephone services or Travel to client.

Please contact me below if you would like to work together or alternatively book with us via facebook to help you navigate these challenging times.

David Hooper RCDP