Mindfulness tip of the day. The mindful shower. Bring a sense of focus and curiosity in the shower today.Notice the sounds of the water as it sprays out of the nozzle, as it hits your body, and as it gurgles down the drain. Notice the temperature of the water, and the feel of it in your hair, and on your shoulders, and running down your legs. Notice the smell of the soap and shampoo, and the feel of them against your skin. Notice the sight of the water droplets on the walls or shower curtain, the water dripping down your body and the steam rising upward. Notice the movements of your arms as you wash or scrub or shampoo. When thoughts arise, acknowledge them, and let them come and go like passing cars. Again and again, you’ll get caught up in your thoughts. As soon as you realize this has happened, gently
acknowledge it, note what the thought was that distracted you, and bring your attention back to the shower. Explore and enjoy

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David Hooper Mindfulness, SelfCare, Wellbeing

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