Health and Wellbeing Manager
Culture and Leisure NL

“We have been working with David and his Mindfulness programme for a little over a year now and are delighted with the product and the opportunity that it has offered us to deliver an alternative to our mainstream exercise classes. The sessions he has delivered have been very well received by our customers. We have found David to be a thoughtful and very knowledgeable instructor who has been willing to offer suggestions and solutions to encouraging and supporting more people into the session which are currently running in 5 North Lanarkshire venues.
This was a brand new programme for NL Leisure and David was and continues to be a fantastic ambassador delivering great content and dealing with a range of our customers who have a diversity of needs in a sensitive and approachable manner

Wishaw Sports Centre Client
Culture and Leisure NL

I have attended Davids classes on a weekly basis since September and he has not only introduced me to Mindfulness but he has really clarified and expanded my understanding of it. He has motivated me to practice, and inspired me to introduce mindfulness in my day to day life, therefore improving my overall wellbeing. Highly recommended.


Broadwood Stadium Client
Culture and Leisure NL

I have been along to a few of David’s sessions at Broadwood, they are fantastic. Very relaxing with a focus on breathing, guided meditation and listening to your body. would recommend to anyone!


CDI 2020 Conference Delegate

I just wanted to say thank you for the session at the CDi conference yesterday. When I came in (to be honest I was going to miss it and go back to work) I was so stressed, my best friend has just been given a terminal diagnosis and my husband is just out of hospital with pneumonia and things were just getting on top of me. However when I left my whole body felt so much more relaxed, my dark mood had cleared up and I tried to remember the technique last night and managed to fall asleep fairly quickly and only woke once, used tried to use the technique again and got back to sleep. It has been the best sleep I have had in ages. Thank you so much for this you have no idea how lighter I now feel

Ann, CEO Skills Exchange

“David has done great work supporting our young learners with both group and individual sessions in mindfulness, helping many of them to overcome issues with anxiety and stress. That then enabled them to cope better with their training courses so they made much more progress. David is clearly passionate about what he does and passes on that enthusiasm to his clients. I’d definitely recommend his sessions”