Its 6 am, the Alarm goes off, my 3 and half year old is up. “Daddy!!” he bellows. The same first words every day. I get up and quickly tend to my son and sort my wife with a cuppa. I find that my panicked mind awakes like a plane engine. So quickly jump into a mountain pose while the kettle boils. I hear and accept my mind and move my attention to my breathing and that wonderful gap between breathes. The noise breaks, it almost deflates.The engine slows down…

Off I go with breakfast for everyone and switch to a small mindful movement while I walk upstairs to our bedroom. I notice my urge to pick up the phone and ignore it. I am ready for a mindful breakfast.

The first spoonful clatters gently off the bowl and I am lifting my arm with a crunchy fruity loaded spoonful. The sensations on my tongue are electric. I notice my thoughts starting to think about the sweetness of blueberry’s and the crunch of cornflakes. I slosh the lot around in my mouth, chew and swallow. Noticing my throat really activate and feel the coldness of the milk hit my stomach. Each mouthful gets more intense, with flavour and I feel my energy levels gently rise. I can really get lost in this. All the while my son is chatting away and my wife is lazing. I notice my mind think about my business, things to be done, concepts to create. I move to my tea and same again, tune right in. The feeling of the cup hitting my lips, the taste and temperature. Fascinating and awakening.

Next we all get ready, my wife heads out and my son is on the tv catching up on thomas and friends. I switch back to my tasks in hand, organising a few things and prepping mys sons bag for nursery. Next he’s dropped off and I am on my way to training for my business. I kick into mindful seating and notice the comfort of the car seat and my ability to switch to my bodily sensations as I drive.

The panic mind steps in again, forcing me to worry about nausea in the course room. I gently and kindly accept this thought for what it is….just…a….thought, and move back to my legs in the car chair and the sensations. I unpack the car and head into the class. I felt totally fine today and really enjoyed learning new ideas and concepts. Met some great people to and generated a business lead or two….

I got home and headed to our kitchen for some lunch, employing mindfulness of eating once more. A baked potato with cheese, got lost in the tastes and sensations. My sense of smell was also very active during this small feast. I was thinking of the contacts and new leads so far, the work I still needed to do and plan and a few other things. I was aware at this point in the day that my mind was quite full and I needed some me time. I got the trainers on and mindfully walked. My first sensation was noticing my heel peel from the ground as my foot lifted and then I made my way up to my knees and thighs. On each step I was conscious of the balance we do for a split second per step, its amazing how the human body knows how to do this. I then was aware of the breeze on my face and slight discomfort in my left knee. My mind was still now and again wandering to work related tasks. I simply, and with no judgement returned to the mindfulness of walking and in particular could really sense the Achilles tendons as I lifted my foot. Something I had never noticed before.

I am blessed with the luck of being very near a grotto, which is so peaceful and at this time of year the trees are in full swing and buzzing. I often left my walking sensations to focus in on my hearing and found it fascinating and relaxing. Before long 30 mins had passed and I had done a round trip back to home. I felt calm, relaxed and refreshed. I then worked on my site and made a start on this article and here we are as I type. I can feel my fingers hit the keyboard and my thoughts producing these words. Tonight will be time to reflect and learn, today has been brilliant.

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