Join us online for regular mindfulness practice group sessions hosted by Zoom. Getting started is easy and the participation fee is minimum – with all profits during lockdown going to charity.  

What happens 

We practice mindful meditations and exercises in small, supportive group sessions. These meditation sessions are open to any age, ability and current stress levels. You are in your own home so meditations can be personal and you have all the benefit from having others with you if you choose. 

We share:  

  • guided mindfulness meditations and exercises led by a qualified mindfulness practitioner 
  • practice reflection at the end, if you choose to – and that’s it. 

If you think zoom mindfulness might be for you, but you’re not sure of are having difficulty signing up, get in touch or a leave a comment below. 

Getting the most from mindfulness with zoom 

  • Create an account – they’re free and it lets you adjust your settings just the way you want them.
  • Let others in the house know that you’re meditating and you’d prefer not to be disturbed.
  • Try not to worry if you are disturbed – these are difficult times and not everything is going to be perfect 
  • Mute your mic and turn off your camera when practice begins, that way you can be confident that you won’t disturb anyone else and you can give the practice your full attention 
  • Turn your camera and mic back on at the end of practice and join us for reflection and a general check-in – we’re here to help each other. 

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